CTM Media Group, Press Release | August 24, 2009

Letter to CTM Media Holdings Stockholders

Dear CTM Media Holdings Stockholder:

It is my pleasure to welcome you as a stockholder of our newly independent company, CTM Media Holdings, Inc. All of us at CTM Media Holdings look forward to becoming an independent company. Our management team and our employees have worked hard over the years to make the businesses that comprise CTM Media Holdings what they are today.

As an independent public company, we will have the ability to focus exclusively on the growth and development of our businesses and to create value for our new stockholders, as well as to concentrate our financial resources solely on our own operations. We also hope to achieve greater visibility – in the financial community, and for our products and services as well.

Following the spin-off, we will have holdings in media and travel-related businesses. We will focus on developing our brochure distribution and comic book and graphic novel publishing businesses, which have strong presences in their respective industries and niches, as well as our radio station. We believe our experienced management team and consistent performance are representative of the strengths that will position us to excel as a stand-alone entity and to continue our growth in the several markets in which we are engaged.

We do not anticipate that our Class A common stock or our Class B common stock will, immediately following the spin-off, be listed on any exchange. We do intend to apply to have our Class A common stock and our Class B common stock quoted on the Over the Counter Bulletin Board and it is possible that, after establishing a market value in that forum, we will seek to have our Class A common stock and Class B common stock listed on an exchange. We do not anticipate listing our Class C common stock on any exchange or trading forum. We invite you to learn more about us by reviewing the enclosed information statement. We look forward to our future as a separate publicly-traded company and to your support as a stockholder.

I am excited about the opportunities that the spin-off will create for our company, our customers and for you, our stockholders.


Marc E. Knoller
Chief Executive Officer