Investor News | December 15, 2022

IDW Ramps Up TV Development Slate

IDW has moved ahead a slate of six of the company’s popular comic books and graphic novels into active television series development.

The company’s development line-up includes Bacchus, based on Eddie Campbell’s subversive drama that drops the gods of ancient Greece into present day as if they had never left. Will Davies (Lyle, Lyle, Crocodile, Man Vs. Bee, How to Train Your Dragon) and Chloe Moss (Switch, Hollyoaks) will write and executive produce the series.

Additional series in development include Dragon Puncher & Spoony, based on the book Dragon Puncher by James Kochalka, about a cute but rather ruthless kitty, who dons his armored battle suit as he punches out evil dragons; and Korgi, following a Korgi pup in epic fairy tales of adventure. Based on writer-artist Christian Slade’s beloved dog, the series has Aury Wallington (Spirit Untamed, Spirit Riding Free, Veronica Mars, Heroes and Gravity Falls) serving as showrunner.

Max and Adam Reid (Gil’s All Fright Diner, Aeon Flux, Sneaky Pete) will serve as showrunners, and Patricia Riggen (The 33, Dopesick) will direct psychological thriller Lodger, based on David and Maria Lapham’s graphic novel about a young woman bent on revenge against a serial killer whom she blames for the murder of her mother and incarceration of her father.

Relic of the Dragon sees Bryan Q. Miller (Shadowhunters, He-Man and the Masters of the Universe) joining as showrunner for the series, based on the graphic novel by Adrian Benatar and Miguel Ángel García. The fantasy action-adventure follows the journey of Uric, an ordinary man hunting for a relic of enormous power.

Satellite Falling, based on the comic books by Steve Horton and Stephen Thompson, is set in a seedy future of radical technology, sentient aliens, and familiar prejudices. Will Pascoe (Orphan Black, Absentia) has been named as showrunner/executive producer, and Jude Weng (Finding ‘Ohana, Only Murders in the Building) is attached as director/executive producer for the series adaptation.