CTM Media Group, ettractions, Press Release | December 16, 2015

Ettractions Expands Touch Screen Network in Western U.S. & Canada


Ettractions Inc, a leader in the travel and tourism marketing sector, today announced the expansion of their award-winning ExploreBoard network in Western U.S. and Canada. Beginning in January, Ettractions will officially launch 13 new touch screen networks though a licensing agreement with Certified Folder Display Service, Inc. The expansion will include popular tourism destinations such as San Francisco, Los Angeles, Orange County, San Diego, Las Vegas, Dallas, San Antonio, Houston, New Orleans, Phoenix, Portland, Seattle and Vancouver. The latest licensing agreement plans include nearly 200 kiosks by the fall of next year, expanding the Ettractions ExploreBoard network to over 50 destinations with 570 in-market touch screen displays.

The latest Ettractions ExploreBoard expansion reflects the growing demand for engaging content in the hospitality and tourism environment.— Peter Magaro, President of CTM Media Group Inc.

“The latest Ettractions ExploreBoard expansion reflects the growing demand for engaging content in the hospitality and tourism environment. We are thrilled to see our visitor marketing touch screens expand to new markets. Place-based media that is both interactive and portable like the Ettractions ExploreBoard have been well received by hotels, attractions and visitor centers.” states Peter Magaro, President of CTM Media Group Inc.

“We are really excited about the partnership with Ettractions and the launch of the new ExploreBoard digital network. With International markets continuing to grow, the ExploreBoard’s ability to deliver visitor information in six different languages is very appealing to both our advertisers and our hospitality host partners.” states Bill Deering, Senior Vice President/General Manager of Certified Folder Display Service, Inc.

With over 19.5 million digital engagements last year, Ettractions has proven to be a popular resource among tourists and visitors. The cutting edge marketing tool targets travelers when they are in-market and in the mindset of making travel purchasing decisions. Portable from the touch screen to a personal device via email or text message, Ettractions is transforming how and when visitors receive information. Providing a customized experience unique for each guest, the Ettractions brand continues to reinvent itself with advancements and new touch screen features including dynamic categories. The ExploreBoard allows advertisers to feature their attraction, restaurant, activity or service with enhanced content including video, maps, optional ticketing and reservations. The content is also updated in real-time making event and other seasonal updates rather seamless.

The success of the in-market digital touch screen platform powered by the ettractions.com has been astounding. More than 1,500 travel and tourism businesses currently utilize Ettractions digital marketing solutions to promote their business to visitors. From popular central and east coast cities (Toronto, New York, Boston, Philadelphia, Chicago, Cleveland and Miami) to partnerships with local hotels, attractions, convention and visitor bureaus and other licensing agreements in the Caribbean and beyond, Ettractions Inc. and CTM Media Group Inc. have continued grow year after year.

Inquiries to host or advertise on ettractions.com or ettractions ExploreBoard may contact sales@ettractions.com. To learn more about ExploreBoard visit www.ettractions.com/explore

About Ettractions
Ettractions Inc. and CTM Media Group Inc. are owned and operated by IDW Media Holdings Inc. (OTC Pink Markets: IDWM) based in Stamford, CT. Ettractions Inc. is a multi-channel digital marketing platform for the hospitality and travel industry. Ettractions works with local businesses in the tourism sector to delivering relevant visitor information for tourists and visitors via web, mobile, touch screen and eNews digital solutions.
Diane Salvo
CTM Media Group

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