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Forbes talks to IDW CEO & Publisher, Ted Adams in “Apple TV Aims To ‘Appify’ Television With Games, Content And Comics”

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Our goal is to get books in front of as many people as possible. Any new way for people to read comics is something we embrace quickly. Apple can do this in a way nobody else can. Having them bring more attention to content for IDW is a huge win.

– Ted Adams, CEO and Publisher of IDW Entertainment


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IDW Entertainment

IDW CEO/Publisher, Ted Adams, Discusses TV and Film with The New York Times


IDW’s CEO/Publisher was recently interviewed by the New York Times and is featured in the article, “Indie Comic Book Publishers Make Moves Toward TV and Film.”

DC and Marvel have taken their superheroes to the big and small screens, building cinematic universes and earning billions in the process. Now, smaller comic book publishers want to get in on the action.

Reimagining themselves as entertainment companies, independent comic book publishers are creating internal divisions to work with distribution or finance partners, or are funding production themselves, with the hope of featuring their characters in movies, on television and even on Broadway.

“There is higher risk, but also higher reward,” said Ted Adams, the chief executive and publisher of IDW Publishing, which started its entertainment unit two years ago….

Read the entire article at the New York Times

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Wynonna Earp is being developed into a TV series for Syfy.