Howard S. Jonas

Chairman of the Board of Directors, Inside Director

Howard S. Jonas founded IDT Corporation in August 1990, and has served as Chairman of the Board of Directors since its inception. Mr. Jonas served as Chief Executive Officer of IDT Corporation from December 1991 until July 2001, as President of IDT from December 1991 through September 1996, and as Treasurer of IDT from inception through 2002. Mr. Jonas has also served as the Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors of IDT Telecom from December 1999 to April 2008, as Co-Chairman since April 2008, and as a director of IDT Capital since September 2004. Mr. Jonas served as Co-Chairman of the Board of Directors of IDT Entertainment from November 2004 until August 2006. Since August 2006, Mr. Jonas has been a director of Starz Media Holdings, LLC, Starz Media, LLC and Starz Foreign Holdings, LLC, each of which is a subsidiary of Liberty Media Corporation. In addition, Mr. Jonas has been a director of IDT Energy since June 2007 and a director of American Shale Oil Corporation since January 2008. Mr. Jonas is also the founder and has been President of Jonas Media Group (f/k/a Jonas Publishing) since its inception in 1979. Mr. Jonas was the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Net2Phone from October 2001 to October 2004, the Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors of Net2Phone from October 2004 to June 2006, and has served as the Chairman of Net2Phone since June 2006. Mr. Jonas received a B.A. in Economics from Harvard University.

    Ted Adams

    Chief Executive Officer, Inside Director

    Ted Adams is the CEO of IDW Media Holdings (OTC - QX: IDWM), which includes IDW’s publishing, games, and entertainment divisions – all founded by Adams -- as well as CTM Media, a digital print and advertising firm. As the CEO of IDWM, Adams develops and oversees the execution of IDWM’s strategic growth plans, including development of its key media properties, publishing titles, and licensing initiatives.

    Since founding IDW Publishing in 1999, Adams has negotiated dozens of comic book licenses, including CSI, 24, Transformers, GI Joe, Star Trek, and My Little Pony. IDW has been awarded “Publisher of the Year” five times by Diamond Comic Distributors and dozens of Eisner and Harvey Awards. IDW titles are also regularly featured on the New York Times Best Seller List.

    IDW, through its Top Shelf division, publishes Congressman John Lewis’s three-volume graphic novel autobiography, March. The March trilogy of books have won many awards including the National Book Award – the first time a graphic novel has received that prestigious honor, multiple Eisner and Harvey Awards, four American Library Association awards, and was named the #1 non-fiction book of 2016 by Time magazine.

    IDW is also at the forefront of the digital distribution of comic books and its titles can be found on dozens of devices and platforms. Bleeding Cool magazine named Adams one of the 20 Most Powerful People in Comics.

    IDW Entertainment launched in 2013 and has two shows on air in the US – Wynonna Earp on Syfy and Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency on BBCA. Adams is an Executive Producer on both of those shows. Wynonna Earp was named one of the Top 20 new shows of 2016 by Variety magazine and was nominated for a GLAAD award.

    Adams is also the Chairman of Traveling Stories, a San Diego based non-profit that helps children in underserved communities fall in love with reading.

    Adams has a Bachelor’s Degree in Business from Southern Oregon University and an MBA from the University of Notre Dame.

      Marc E. Knoller

      Chief Operating Officer, Inside Director

      Marc E. Knoller has been the Chief Executive Officer of the CTM Media Holdings since its inception through March 2015. Mr. Knoller has been an Executive Vice President of IDT Corporation since December 1998 and served as a director of IDT from March 1996 to August 2007. Mr. Knoller joined IDT as a Vice President in March 1991 and also served as a director of its predecessor. Mr. Knoller has served as Vice President of Jonas Media Group (f/k/a Jonas Publishing) since 1991. Mr. Knoller received a B.B.A. from Baruch College.

        Jan Buchsbaum

        Independent Director

        Jan Buchsbaum has been a director of the Company since August 2009. Mr. Buchsbaum is a management associate at New York Life Insurance Company. Prior to working at New York Life, Mr. Buchsbaum served as founder and CEO of MTB Solutions, Inc., a New York-based electronics distribution company, from August 2007 to July 2009, and currently serves on MTB’s board of directors. From May to August 2008, Mr. Buchsbaum worked as a summer associate in Scotia Capital, the investment banking unit of the Bank of Nova Scotia. Mr. Buchsbaum worked for IDT Telecom from August 2006 through August 2007, and for IDT Entertainment from August 2005 through August 2006. Mr. Buchsbaum received his M.B.A. from Georgetown University and a B.S. in Business, Management and Finance from Brooklyn College.

          Perry Davis

          Independent Director

          Perry Davis has been a director of the Company since August 2009. Mr. Davis is a partner at Perry Davis Associates, Inc. (PDA), an international consulting firm providing management and development assistance to non-profit organizations. Mr. Davis is a founder of PDA and has been its President since 1986. Mr. Davis received his Ph.D. in Public Law and Government from Columbia University and a B.A. in Political Science from Yeshiva College.

            Irwin Katsof

            Independent Director

            Irwin Katsof was appointed to the Board of Directors of Genie Energy (NYSE-GNE), a holding company comprising IDT Energy, a retail energy provider, and Genie Oil and Gas, which controls the company’s ventures in oil shale research and development. In 2012, he became an advisor to Forbes & Manhattan, a multi national natural resource exploration company, to assist in the raising of capital worldwide. Mr. Katsof was a Founding member of the Board of Directors of IDT Entertainment from 2003-2006. In 2006, Mr. Katsof received his Series 7 Financial Certification.

              Kenneth Traub

              Independent Director

              As managing Partner of Raging Capital Management, Mr. Traub brings over 25 years of senior management, corporate governance, and transactional experience with various public and private companies as Chief Executive Officer, director and active investor. His broad experience encompasses managing dynamic growth, transitions, turnarounds, strategic transactions and liquidity events. Traub earned an MBA from Harvard Business School in 1988. Raging Capital Management is an investment management firm headquartered near Princeton, NJ. Raging Capital Master Fund owns 745,699 shares of IDW Media Holdings.